Accepted Papers

Machine learning and prediction (15)

Title Authors
Portfolio Construction based on Time Series Clustering Method: Evidence in Vietnamese Stock Market (186) The Nguyen Manh and Hoan Bui Quoc;
Untargeted Code Authorship Evasion with Seq2Seq Transformation (251) Soohyeon Choi, Rhongho Jang, Daehun Nyang and David Mohaisen;
ViEcomRec: A Novel Dataset for Recommendation Systems in Vietnamese E-commerce For Face Cleanser Products (687) Quang-Linh Tran, Binh T. Nguyen, Gareth J. F. Jones and Cathal Gurrin;
Fake Face Recognition on Images Generated by Various Deepfakes Tools. (1484) Nguyen Bao Anh Le, Hien Thanh Thi Nguyen, Anh Kim Su and Hai Thanh Nguyen;
Mining the Potential Temporal Features based on Wearable EEG Signals for Driving State Analysis (2073) Ling Wang, Fangjie Song, Tie Hua Zhou, Chunxu Yang and Wanlin Zhang;
Enhancing Visual Question Answering with Generated Image Caption (2755) Kieu Anh Truong Thi, Truong-Thuy Tran, Cam-Van Thi Nguyen and Duc-Trong Le;
A Gaussian Distribution Labeling Method for Speech Quality Assessment (2888) Minh Tu Le, Bao Thang Ta, Nhat Minh Le, Phi Le Nguyen and Van Hai Do;
VN-Legal-KG: Vietnam Legal Knowledge Graph for Legal Statute Identification on Land Law Matters (4669) Duc Nguyen Sy, Thien Huynh Ngoc, Thang Phung Dinh, Thu Bui Minh, Phuong Thai Tieu, Long Huynh Bao, Ty Nguyen Thi, An Nguyen Thai, Huu Pham Thanh and Tho Quan Thanh;
TextFocus: Efficient Multi-Scale Detection for Arbitrary Scene Text (4976) Do Quang Manh, Tran Minh Khoi, Duong Minh Hieu and Phan Duy Hung;
CombiGCN: An effective GCN model for Recommender System (5209) T. Tin Tran and Tan Loc Nguyen;
Unveiling Sentiments in Vietnamese Education Texts: Could Large Language Model beat PhoBERT? (5947) Tuan Nguyen, Hanh Nguyen, Long Nguyen, Nhung Nguyen and Kien Doan;
An Approach Using Threshold-Based Noise Reduction and Fine-tuned ShuffleNetV2 for Plant Leaf Disease Detection (7995) Hai Thanh Nguyen, Phat Minh Nguyen, Quang Duy Tran and Phuong Ha Dang Bui;
Analytics for an E-commerce: Demand analysis and prediction (8010) Alexandr Karpovich and Lyudmila Gadasina;
An Approach for Web Content Classification with FastText. (9811) Huong Hoang Luong, Lê Thị Thu Lan and Hai Thanh Nguyen;
Multi-scale Aggregation Network for Speech Emotion Recognition (116) An Dang, My Linh Ha and Duc Quang Vu;

(Social) network analysis (10)

Title Authors
Leveraging GNNs and Node Entropy for Anomaly Detection: Revealing Misinformation Spreader on Twitter Network. (902) Asep Maulana and Johannes Langguth;
Air Transportation Network Backbone Extraction: A Comparative Analysis of Structural Filtering Techniques (1101) Ali Yassin, Hocine Cherifi, Hamida Seba and Olivier Togni;
Multiplex network approach for modeling the spread of African swine fever in Poland (6488) Andrzej Jarynowski, Alexander Semenov, Łukasz Czekaj and Vitaly Belik;
Deep Learning Based Model for Stress Measurement in Online Social Networks (7608) Akshat Gaurav, Brij B. Gupta, Kwok Tai Chui and Varsha Arya;
Stress Expression Identification Model for Emotion-Driven Association Calculation over Social Network Blogs (7755) Tie Hua Zhou, Jinwei Wang, Ling Wang, Haoyu Hao and Tianshuo Bi;
Identification and Analysis of the Spread of {Mis}information on Social Media. (8597) Muhammad Khan, Rachel Gordon, Nimra Khan, Madeline Moran, Mohammed Abuhamad, Loretta Stalans, Jeffrey Huntsinger, Jennifer Forestal and Eric Chan-Tin;
Modeling the change of public opinion caused by opinion posts' dissemination in social networks (8921) Liman Du, Wenguo Yang and Suixiang Gao;
Scalable Deep Metric Learning on Attributed Graphs (9165) Xiang Li, Gagan Agrawal, Ruoming Jin and Rajiv Ramnath;
The Impact of News, Expert and Public Opinion on Painting Prices (9894) Taisia Pimenova, Valeria Kolycheva, Alexander Semenov and Dmitry Grigoryev;
Activation and Deactivation Phenomena in Online Social Media Network Cascade Propagation with Geographic Considerations (8701) Alexander Semenov, Alexander Nikolaev, Eduardo Pasiliao and Vladimir Boginski;

Optimization (10)

Title Authors
The Matheuristic for Building Cost-Constrained Decision Trees with Multiple Condition Attributes (1870) Hoang Giang Pham;
A\* search algorithm for an optimal investment problem in Vehicle-Sharing system (3598) Ba Luat Le, Layla Martin, Emrah Demir and Duc Minh Vu;
Improved Streaming Algorithm for Minimum Cost Submodular Cover Problem (3985) Tan Tran, Canh Pham, Dung Pham and Uyen Nguyen;
Fast Bicriteria Approximation Algorithm for Minimum Cost Submodular Cover Problem (4249) Canh Pham, Quat Phu and Dung Ha;
Solving Time-Dependent Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows under Generic Time-Dependent Travel Cost (5159) Duc Minh Vu, Mike Hewitt and Duc D. Vu;
Deletion-Robust Submodular Maximization under the Cardinality Constraint over the Integer Lattice (5985) Guangwen Zhou, Bin Liu and Yuanyuan Qiang;
Mixed Integer Linear Programming-based Methods for The Optimal Time-Constrained Cost-Sensitive Decision Tree (6710) Hoang Giang Pham, Toan Tran;
Evolutionary Parameter Optimization: A Novel Control Strategy for Chaotic Environments (9214) Andrey Musayev and Dmitry Grigoryev;
Continuous Length-Bounded Paths Interdiction (2010) Raed Alharbi, My T. Thai and Lan N. Nguyen;
Maximizing regularized DR-submodular functions on a convex set (8796) Zhiyuan Dong, Yihan Wang and Yang Zhou;

Security and blockchain(6)

Title Authors
Towards a management system of blood and its products based on Blockchain, smart contracts, and NFT: a case study in Vietnam Kha Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen The Anh, Quy Lu, Khoa Tran Dang, Hien Nguyen Quang, Le Khanh Tung, Nam Tran Ba, Vinh Nguyen Thanh, Khiem Huynh, Bang Le Khanh, Thuan Tran Quoc, Minh Nguyen Van, Ngan Nguyen Thi Kim, Minh Triet Nguyen and Son Ha Xuan;
MIDAS: A Multi-chain Interoperable Data and Access System for Healthcare Ngan Nguyen Bui Kim, Tram Nguyen Binh Thuc, Tuan-Dung Tran, Duy Phan The and Van-Hau Pham;
The Infrastructure Utilization of Free Contents Websites Reveal their Security Characteristics: A Correlation Analysis Mohammed Alqadhi and David Mohaisen;
Understanding the Utilization of Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse and Security Implications Ayodeji Adeniran and David Mohaisen;
Blockchain and IoT for Enhanced Traceability in Waste Treatment Processes: A Microservice and Brokerless Approach Khiem Huynh, Huong Hoang Luong, Minh Triet Nguyen, Quy Lu, Phuc Nguyen Trong, Son Ha Xuan, Hien Nguyen Quang, Le Khanh Tung, Nam Tran Ba, Khoa Tran Dang, Vinh Nguyen Thanh, Bang Le Khanh, Kha Nguyen Hoang, Thuan Tran Quoc, Minh Nguyen Van and Ngan Nguyen Thi Kim;
Secure Conversation: A View From Physical Layer Hung Tran, Hung Pham Ngoc, Van Nhan Vo, Xuan-Truong Quach, Tung Pham Huu, Long Nguyen Quoc and Giang Quynh Le Vu;